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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Intro
Unit 2 Why do I want a Katana and what do I expect ?
Unit 3 Check Your Wallet First !
Module 2 The pricetag
Unit 1 The Blade - Choice Of Steel
Unit 2 The Blade - Hardening Process
Unit 3 The Polish
Unit 4 The Fittings
Module 3 What do i need ?
Unit 1 So Which Katana Is The Right Choice For Me ?
Unit 2 I'm A Martial Artist, Looking For An Iaito
Unit 3 I'm A Martial Artist Looking For A Shinken
Module 4 Katana Anatomy
Unit 1 Katana Anatomy : Tip And Body Of A Blade
Unit 2 The Saya
Module 5 Test Your Knowledge
Unit 1 How much do you remember about the blade & forging process?