Keiryo Katana

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  • Limited Edition
  • Very light & Ideal for Iai
  • Ribbed saya


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The Blade


The Tsuba


Fuchi – Kashira – Menuki


The Saya



In our attempt to make a few ‘light’ models to satisfy to iaido practitioner we forgot that there are still people who like to perform tameshigiri in their dojo (or at home) .

Sword Specifications


Length (without saya) 101,5 cm
Weight (without saya) 965 gram
Point of balance 12,5 cm
Cutting targets Single tatami


Blade type Shinogi Zukuri
Steel T10
Heat threatment Water hardened
Nagasa 71,5 cm ( 2,35shaku )
Tsuba > Tip 73,7 cm
Hi Bo Hi
Polish Standard
Hamon Irregular wave
Yokote Cosmic
Sori (curvature) 16 mm
Motohaba 6 mm
Moto kasane 30 mm
Sakihaba 4 mm
Saki kasane 21 mm
Habaki Red copper


Shape Hachi
Length 26,5 cm
Ito Synthetic silk
Fuchi & kashira material Iron
Tsuba material Iron
Seppa Red copper
Hishigami Yes (thin one's)


Finish Black Gloss
Koiguchi Black Horn
Kurikata Black horn
Kojiri Black horn
Sageo Synthetic Fiber

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